Apple's Transition from Desktop to Mobile:

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About this visualization*

The data for this visualization was assembled by pulling all relevant article metadata from the Daring Fireball archives. Unfortunately, the Daring Fireball Linked List is not included in this visualization. Because Daring Fireball articles are not tagged or categorized by topic, each article was scanned by a human for relevant topics. An article was only categorized with a topic if that topic was significantly mentioned and relevant. Exceptions to this rule include Gruber Had Inside Information, Calls Somebody a Jackass, Updated Information After Posting, Acknowledged Being Wrong About Something, Acknowledged Being Correct About Something, and Claim Chowder. Articles containing these specific topics were categorized respectively despite the significance of the mention. D3.js was used to draw this data using SVG. Mike Bostock deserves special thanks for creating D3. Using Flash, of course, was not an option.

* Topic name was updated to be clearer after discussion on The Talk Show.